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Christian Ryltenius Animation Director

Christian started his career in animation at Swedish studio Pennfilm where he worked on Voyage to Melonia (1989). He studied classical animation at Sheridan College in Canada 1989-1991. As an animator, he has worked on productions such as ABC, Alfie Atkins and Dog Days, before going on to direct children’s classics Nasse (2004) and co-directing Karlsson on the Roof (2002).

He moved to Germany in 1995 and worked with directors such as Hayo Freitag on Captain Bluebear and Enzo D’Alo on Momo. He was hired by Warner Brothers to work on Space Jam and the Quest for Camelot, and spent many years working in Asia as Overseas Supervisor before setting up SluggerFilm in Sweden 2005. Slugger- Film has produced films as the Fourth King, and recently Molly Monster, a TV- series, which will air on SVT in fall 2009.